Why not to DIY Pressure Wash Your Home

Most times, many households believe it would be more economical or productive to DIY pressure wash their home and property. As fun and intelligent as this may seem, it can actually be detrimental to your property. In this blog, the 5 challenges of pressure washing your home yourself will be shared allowing you to further understand why hiring a professional is the better way to go.

To start, and maybe the most important, is the injuries that can come from using this equipment without experience. This equipment itself is not difficult to use; however, when using it in hard to reach places may result in personal injuries. Imagine climbing a ladder to reach a tricky area, you pull the nozzle and the kickback throws you off the ladder. This of course will not happen every time but it is definitely something to be aware of if there is no prior experience of pressure washing.

Second, there is gouging and potential water damage. Most pressure washers with experience use between 1300-3000+ PSI for cleaning. If you are unaware of how much water to blast, you could damage certain materials. For example, if you blast on the higher end of that range on wood or grout, it would be too strong and slowly remove this material. As a result, there will be gaps in your foundation leaving room for water to penetrate your home. Once water is in, your home could see signs of mold growth that you do not want getting out of hand or drywall/plaster staining.

Third, pressure washing is not a quick activity of spraying your property then moving onto the next job for the day. Many pressure washing jobs come with an even longer clean up. During the cleaning of surfaces, debris and dirty water pools will form. If not cleaned up properly, there is a potential for asbestos-laden materials left on your property. Therefore, it is extremely important to take the time to thoroughly clean up after the job is done.

Fourth, goes along with the second reason and that is direct damage to your home. If you take on this task alone without much experience, there is potential for direct damage to your property. Holes can be punctured into skirting or vinyl siding, windows can be blown out if the PSI is too high. Also, unexpected sprays into outlets can cause electrical damage. These will not only affect your home but could also be personally damaging.

Lastly, pressure washing is not simply turning on the machine and spraying dirty areas. In addition to spraying the water, there are other steps that need to be taken for a job well done. These include, applying detergent to the pressure washed area and allowing it to soak before going in with the hose. Also, working from the bottom up for cleaning and the top down for rinsing. Remembering to change to PSI for specific materials will also result in less damage and make your life easier. Going along with that is knowing the appropriate angle and distance to clean from based again on which material you are cleaning. Finally, it is very important the areas are prepared for pressure washing to prevent water damage to your home.

We hope all of these reasons help you understand the importance of hiring a professional for your pressure washing needs. Feel free to reach out at (843)-806-8310 with questions.