Charleston Pressure Washing

With our Charleston pressure washing services, we can assure you that your home will look brand new at an affordable price. While living in downtown Charleston, it can be stressful having to constantly ensure your home is looking pristine for the many tourists that pass by each day - so let us do the work for you! Our services include house washing as well as concrete cleaning for those lucky homeowners with driveways and walkways.

Hook and Ladder Pressure Washing LLC can guarantee to boost your curb appeal with a simple house washing. In deciding to pressure wash your home, you are looking to remove dirt and grime that builds up from living in a city. Additionally, you are interested in the benefits it has on your home and personal well-being. Charleston pressure washing will clean brick, wood, windows and gutters. It is not harmful to your property which is very important as we know most homes downtown are historic.

As for concrete cleaning, we pressure wash driveways, patios, and sidewalks to once again improve the curb appeal of your home. Similar to your home, these areas collect mold, grime, and oil, making your concrete look dirty. These areas are one of the first things guests and passerby see when walking past or into your home.

Hire Hook and Ladder to help improve the entirety of your property with our detail-oriented and methodical approach to pressure washing at a very fair price.